Tralev is managed by Numbeo doo, company registered in Serbia with business registration number 20853514

Postal Address:

Numbeo Doo
Drziceva 9/13
11120 Belgrade-Zvezdara
Email Address:

Mladen Adamovic, Founder/CEO

Mladen Adamovic Mladen worked as a software engineer at Google Ireland Ltd (2007-2009) where he was developing internal applications. He also worked as a software enegineer for Sungard (2010-2011) and as a project manager for Troxo (2011). He was a senior teaching assistant at University of Banja Luka (2004-2007). He obtained M.Sc. Electrical Engineering from University of Banja Luka in 2006 and B.Sc. Math from University of Belgrade in 2003.

You can find him on Linkedin Linkedin.